This time of year, it's great to be scared! Who am I kidding? If you're a horror fan, any time of the year is an excellent time to be scared. A lot of the fun is knowing that it's not real. But what if it was? What if the places frightening you have hidden secrets and terrors that you can only begin to imagine? What if those places were a quick drive away?

NOTE: If you decide to pay any of these places a visit, do not trespass; you may face legal or otherworldly repercussions.

Black Diamond Cemetery

If taking tours of cemeteries is your cup of tea, then don't spill it when you get scared walking around Black Diamond Cemetery (Black Diamond, Washington, in King County) by any of the ghostly coal miners that have been seen walking the cemetery at night.

Oxford Saloon

Oxford Saloon in Snohomish was built in 1900, and even though it has been through many renovations throughout the years, that doesn't do much to stop the spirits from hanging out for happy hour. That's right, I said spirits (plural)!

Historic Everett Theatre

The Historic Everett Theatre opened in 1901 as the Everett Opera House, and I don't know what theatres have to do with hauntings, but the two go hand in hand. Although the interesting thing about this theatre is reports of hauntings didn't start till 30 years ago during renovations.

University Heights in Seattle

University Heights, located in Seattle, was originally a school; now, it's a community center. And if you're lucky (or unlucky), it might be one of the most haunted places you will have ever visited, thanks to the ghost of a little boy!

university Heights in Seattle, Washington
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Campbell House

The Campbell House, located in Spokane, was built in 1898. The history of this house is a bleak one. Dealing with burglary, the murder of 3 children, and the kidnapping of a fourth.

What spooky places have you visited? What was your paranormal experience? Tap the App, tell us your story, and check out Part II of our 11 Haunted Places in Washington YOU CAN VISIT!

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