Growing up in Naches, my neighbor's house was haunted. The adults there always denied it, but that's what most adults do. We kids knew better, and so did the rest of the kids at school. Stories were told, and even the kids who moved in next door told us about the weird stuff that happened. Stories about objects being moved, black shapes moving in the basement.

My encounter with that house happened in 1987. I was 7 years old, and my neighbors, brother, and I were having a campout in the backyard. We were daring each other to run around the neighbor's house (in the middle of the night). It was my turn to do it, and when I was on the far side of the house, I saw a face emerge from a wall yelling at me to "go away!" When the movie The Abyss came out in 1989, the bubble-headed water alien scared me so much because that was exactly what I saw emerge from the wall (14 seconds into the trailer below)!

Reminiscing with my brother about that story got us talking more and more about local ghost stories. I wanted to hear some of the tales from the Yakima Valley, so I asked a question on our radio station's Facebook pages, and I received a ton of stories!

"Ever thought your house was haunted? What happened?"

Ghost Stories From The Yakima Valley!

The question was asked to our audience: "Ever thought your house was haunted? What happened?” We received quite a spooky response!

Gallery Credit: tsm/Timmy!

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