After my recent grocery store visit, I looked at the receipt, and my jaw dropped. My wife usually does the shopping since, according to her, I can’t be trusted (rightfully so). One bag of groceries and a case of pop was $64. I knew prices were skyrocketing like crazy, but holy crap, I wasn’t paying attention.

After my shock, the article from really didn’t surprise me at all. All I can say is thank goodness we’re not shopping in California!

On average, American households spend more than $1,000 a month on groceries, breaking down to just about $270 a week, according to a new study via HelpAdvisor.

HelpAdvisor ran the numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau to fill a shopping bag with stats.

It’s a no-brainer that households with children would spend more, but almost 41% more than childless households. (My wife and I just have a dog, and I don’t believe we were included in this survey with just our fur-baby).

Which States Spend The Most On Groceries?

When broken down by state (remember when I said, “Thank goodness we’re not shopping in California”?) California averages the highest amount that families spend weekly on groceries, $297.72.

Washington comes in 4th, just after Nevada and Mississippi (respectively), with the average amount spent at the store ringing up at $287.67. Who pays the most at the store for groceries IN Washington? That hefty price goes to Seattle! What about in California? That honor goes to San Francisco followed by Los Angeles.

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