I was a phlebotomist for over 10 years, so I can confidently say I've pierced my fair share of people. The one thing I know is that everyone's body can heal differently, and people have different levels of pain thresholds. So whether you're getting your blood drawn or getting a new hole for something decorative, results will vary from person to person.

So when I saw the question pop up on the Facebook group WTF Yakima about the best place in town to get a body piercing, I was intrigued. Who does Yakima recommend?


Even some of the most recommended places had a couple of customers who had a bad experience. As I said above, everyone's body is different, and so many variables can come into play when pushing metal through flesh. As popular as body piercing is and as busy as these artists can be, I'm not surprised there would be an unsatisfied customer from time to time. So, as always, do your research and decide for yourself before creating another orifice!

The question that was asked by Kyleah Rose Tolle was a simple, although comical one.

"Cheap but good piercing spots in Yakima?"

With over 120 comments on the topic, a few shops shined brighter than others (for individuals, their tallies went towards their place of employment), but a common theme throughout the message thread was, if you're looking for cheap, you're going to get what you paid for. Buyer beware!


Before I list the top 5 Piercing Spots in Yakima recommended by Yakima, I want to give a shout-out to one would-be entrepreneur!

"I gotcha! Let me just find my sewing needle and a couple of safety pins!" - Brittany Walker

So, if you don't want to try your luck with Brittany's skills, here are the top places that Yakima recommended!

#5 Good Times N Tattoos

25 North Front Street Shop #3 in Yakima

Good Times N Tattoos store
Good Times N Tattoos via Google

#4 Cyclops Tattoos

1406 Fruitvale Blvd. in Yakima

Cyclops Tattoos gift certs
Cyclops Tattoos via Google
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#3 Maximus Body Piercing Studio

1114 W Spruce St. in Yakima

Maximus Body Piercing Studio
Maximus Body Piercing Studio via Google

#2 Crazy Ink Tattoos & Wallflower Body Piercing

514C S 1st St in Yakima

Crazy Ink Tattoos & Wallflower Body Piercing lobby

Crazy Ink Tattoos & Wallflower Body Piercing via Google

#1 Soul Seeker

108 S 3rd St in Yakima.

Soul Seeker in Yakima, Washington store front.
Soul Seeker via Google

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