We have all done it. Accidentally dialed 9-1-1. If you are one of the few that have not done it, bravo. You probably will one day. Most people, it is strictly by accident, many have no idea that it has even happened! (Thank you butt dial abilities). For others, it can be the problem of dialing 9 to get an outside line, then calling long distance and having the 1 button stick (that has happened to me). Or the other way I've screwed up... chubby fingers and touch screen phones are not the best bed fellows. Back to the point, accidentally dialing emergency services can happen, and it's important to know WHAT TO DO if you do it.

First thing to do if you accidentally dial emergency services is DO NOT HANG UP! Stay on the line, and tell the operator that you accidentally dialed the phone, and that you are okay and that is not an emergency.

Suncomm 911 Communications Yakima's Facebook Page posted this handy photo!

They've been having a problem with miss-dials lately and went to their social media to ask the public for help:

Lately we have been getting inundated with accidental 9-1-1 calls and 9-1-1 hang up calls. Just in the last week we have received over TWELVE HUNDRED 9-1-1 hang ups/accidental dials.

Part of the reason for the huge amounts of accidental calls is because of the iPhone and it's Emergency SOS settings. They also warn of the risks of little ones playing with phones, and of course, the occasional BUTT DIAL (when the phone is in your pocket, and calls a number without you knowing).


Why Is It Important To Stay On The Line If You Accidentally Call?

In an emergency, time is critical. Emergency services treat every phone call like it is a life and death situation. If you hang up, they will take the time to call you back, and make sure you are okay. This can take much needed time away from a real emergency.

Please stay on the line if you accidentally dial, it helps us process these accidental calls quickly and frees up our lines for emergency calls. We appreciate your help!
Suncomm 911 Communications Yakima

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