I’ve never been good at growing stuff. I first realized this in 3rd grade. My class conducted a project with growing a plant using only a zip lock bag, a moist towelette, and a seed. Mine grew mold. But now that I’m older and wiser, I know that the best way to get things to grow is to become one with nature, which means getting all-natural.

Do you have a green thumb? What about a green BUM? A growing fad is pulling off your clothes before you start pulling weeds, i.e., gardening naked! If you plan to start getting dirt under your fingernails (and all the other places that a dermatologist would warn about), these are the cities that are a little bit more open... for your robe being open while tending to your garden!


The birthday-suited growers at Lawnstarter.com scoured the stats of the 200 biggest cities in the United States for their rankings. Factors they kept track of dealt with indecent exposure laws, nudist population, forecasts, waxing salons, and, of course, “gardener-friendliness” (to name a few). More on those factors can be found here.


Not surprisingly, Florida ranks at the top spot, but California was the only state with 3 cities that cracked the top 10. I’m unsure if that is something to blush about, especially if your whole body turns red instead of just your northern cheeks. But this achievement is a nice one to hang your hat on… which; when it comes to gardening naked, I’d still advise you to wear a hat. And maybe warn your neighbors.

Check out the Best Cities for Naked Gardening below:

Top 10 Cities for Naked Gardening in 2023

Here are the best cities for people who enjoy gardening wearing nothing but a smile.
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