Whether you’re planning French Toast for breakfast, making sandwiches for lunch, or making garlic bread to go with your homemade spaghetti, you might want to notice what you’re spreading your butter on.

This could be the worst thing since unsliced bread!

There has been a bread recall for California and Nevada residents!

Earlier this month, the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) issued a major recall of loaves of bread produced by Albertsons Companies LLC due to possible “foreign object contamination.

Since the initial notice, the recall has spread, and the investigation is ongoing.

What Kind of Bread ‘Foreign Object Contamination’?

Reports of metal and plastic shavings have been found in the products that have led to the recall listed below.

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So far, the recalled products include:

Signature Select Butter White
  • Signature Select Brand: Butter Top White Bread - UPC: 2113019803

  • Athens Select Butter: Top White Bread – UPC: 9999919803

  • Cal Pia Brand: 100% Whole Wheat Bread – UPC: 9999900132


The best buy dates for the products in question have already passed or are coming up, but the fear is people who buy bread and freeze it for later consumption.


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What if you have the Recalled Bread?

If you possess any recalled products, you should safely dispose of them immediately or return them to the original place of purchase.

For more information on this recall, visit FoodSafetyNews.com.




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