Once again, I find myself in a store, passing the candy aisle, and something unique catches my eye!

I pick it up and look at it. I ask my wife if she'd like to taste-test this new discovery with me, and as a good partner in life, she takes it out of my hand and proceeds to buy it so I don't accidentally lose it!

A new flavor of KIT KAT has been found in the Yakima wild. I had no clue these were even a thing, so as the saying goes, "If I didn't know about it, it's new to me!"

Full Transparency Candy Taste Test Disclaimer

As with every taste test article I write, I throw this here to cover my bases. This article is in NO WAY a paid advertisement for or against this or any brand of candy. As mentioned above, my wife and I purchased it with our own money, and I do not expect to be reimbursed for the purchase by anyone or any company.


Taste Test of New Chocolate Frosted Donut Kit Kat

I love Kit Kats—they're probably my fifth favorite candy bar. However, this one doesn't stack up against the original for me.

I'm grateful to the company for trying new things, but I think they need to go back to the drawing board.

It doesn't remind me of a chocolate frosted donut, but more of the cheap chocolates you get wrapped in foil and passed off as gold coins at Christmas.

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2nd Opinion Of New Chocolate Frosted Donut Kit Kat

My wife could see how it could be a chocolate frosted donut, but she would have never been able to guess if she didn't know. I asked if she enjoyed it or if she'd rather have a regular Kit Kat. She agreed that the original is better!

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Have you found this candy and tried it? What did you think? Tap the App and let us know your sweet thoughts.

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