So you hate your ex and want to get back at them. But you don't want to be violent. And you don't want to do any long-lasting harm. You want to be vindictive but also helpful. What can you do? Well, one animal shelter has a promotion, just in time for Valentine's Day, and it is a great idea that would work well everywhere!

An animal shelter in New Jersey has the perfect promotion to help animals and allow you to get a little revenge against your ex. The Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center is naming feral cats after your ex and then fixing them! All for a donation, of course.

"Cat Lady" Turns California Home Into No-Cage Cat Sanctuary
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Does your ex need to know? Nope! Will it help the pet community? Yep! Will the donation go a long way to help the animals and staff in need? Absolutely! When you think about it, the only downside to this program, is FULL NAMES can't be used (for obvious reasons). But first and or nicknames will do just fine.

"Some things shouldn't breed!"
-Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center

In central Washington, our animal shelters are constantly in need of supplies and donations. Animals are looking for homes, and I know it'd make me smile to go into a shelter and see a pet named "Julia" or "Jason" and know that there's a story behind that name. Knowing they're named that instead of "Spot" because someone cared enough to help an animal while getting one last [EXPLETIVE DELETED] to an ex.

Would you donate to help a pet and shame an ex? How much would you pay/donate? Think that could work here? Tap the App and let us know!

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