I want to believe. I do. But you hear stories like this, see the picture, and think… naaaaah. Not to mention it happened in Oregon. A state that has a city whose slogan is "Keep Portland Weird." I'm all for weird. I've even recorded my own bizarre UFO sighting (or UAP, Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, as the government wants us to call them). When it comes to this story, you'll see for yourself. I'll save my thoughts till the end, but for the record, I do want to believe.

Strange Formation Was Found In La Pine, Oregon.

At 4:30 am on December 31st, 2022, a La Pine, Oregon, resident was getting ready for work when his dog started to get agitated. He took his pet outside, and all of a sudden, the sky was illuminated. According to the statement told to MUFON, he thought it was a powerline or transformer issue caused by the rough weather. As he continued into his backyard, he spotted something he couldn't explain.

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What He Saw!

The witness found a circular formation in the snow (check out the photo below). The snow circle measured 30 feet in diameter, and there were no footprints going to or coming from the circle. The dog was not happy with the situation. The homeowner took some pictures of the site and went off to work as usual. He later heard from his wife how she had a very restless night, and her hands had a weird chemical odor that she couldn't remove.

What Are the Skeptics Saying?

There are many suggestions about what has caused the snow circle. Many feel it might be a septic tank buried underneath and the ground shifting. Others have the idea of a natural snowdrift or a hoax with a giant kiddie pool. The witness has no idea what or how it happened and welcomes further investigation. What does give a little more credit to this case, is another reported incident a few hours later in Bend, OR with a witness filming a glowing orb in the sky.


My opinion… I don't know. I wasn't there, and the witness isn't trying to profit off what happened, so he has more to lose with ridicule than gain by sharing his story. I hope he, his wife, and their dog are safe and the ground (whatever happened) isn't permanently damaged. What do you think? Tap the App and send us your thoughts.

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