All the gloominess won’t last forever. Soon, you’ll be kicking back, relaxing, and not remembering the harsh winter we went through. You’ll be laser-focused on the fun, stress-free frolicking and joy these two words bring… SPRING BREAK!

Forget about those popular spring break destinations like New Orleans, Cancun, Las Vegas, and Cabo San Lucas. Those places will be overcrowded, and you’ll pay the bills on that vacation for the following 5 spring breaks!

Why not go somewhere a little closer, just as beautiful, and much less expensive? Washington is filled with many great Spring Break locations, but I can’t think of any better place to enjoy the view, return to nature, and unwind than Copalis Beach, Washington.

Activities & Lodging For Spring Break at Copalis Beach, Washington

There are plenty of places to stay, from motels to B & B’s like Pacific Dunes Resort, The Low Tide Motel, and Iron Springs Resort (to name a few).

Enjoy adventures and shopping at Griffiths-Priday Ocean State Park and the Ocean City Market Place. Or go wild on spring break and chance lady luck at the Quinault Beach Casino. Take a hike and be in awe of nature at the Ghost Forest! All a short trek away from the ocean!

How will you spend your Spring Break? Tap the App and let us know!

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