Imagine driving down the street; everything is going well until you hear a noise. Your car starts to pull to one side and begins to stutter and shake. Damn, a flat tire. Well, it happens. It's just a part of driving a car. But then you find out the tire damage is deliberate. WHAT!?!?! That has happened to some drivers on their commutes in Yakima, and the police want you to be on the lookout!

Drivers have been having their cars and tires damaged by 'Caltrops' along West Chestnut Avenue and 66th Avenue in Yakima. A post on the Yakima Police Department's social media Facebook page asks people to use caution when driving in that area and to report any suspicious activity.

"Recently, we hae gotten reports of flattened vehicle tires by 'caltrops' that have been throw in the area of W. Chestnut Ave & 66th Ave. Please drive with caution in this area, and report any damage or suspicious activity." - Yakima Police Department Facebook Page.

Judging by the numerous comments in the post, this has been an issue for the past several months, causing plenty of damage to people's property. It also seems (according to commenters) that this situation goes much further than just 69th & Chestnut, but all the way from 40th Ave. to 72nd.

What Are 'Caltrops'?

Caltrops are sharp, multi-sided objects and they have an interesting history as an "area denial weapon". The ones in question, according to YPD, are 2 inches in length.

If you do experience any damage, or suspicious activity, contact the Yakima Police Department's website or at 509-575-6200.

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