Whether you're looking to move, start a family, or have a vacation, safety is one of people's biggest concerns. How can you prepare for it? How can you avoid it? And, heaven forbid something does happen to you, how can you pick up the pieces and continue with life? I know I'm not alone when I say I've lost sleep over these worries.

According to SafeWise's annual cities report, we here in Washington worry more when, according to their numbers, on average, our cities are lower on crime than the national rates.

That's not to say bad stuff doesn't happen; out of every 1,000 people, 3.4 have been involved in some sort of crime, and property damage has increased by 15% in 2023. I look at it like the odds of getting into a crash while flying an airplane. It most likely won't happen, but that doesn't help when you're on the plane and the door flies off!

Focusing on the positive, where in Washington State is the safest? It might surprise some, but 9 of the top 10 safest cities are all on the western side of Washington. In fact, out of the safest cities in the whole state, West Richland and East Wenatchee are the only ones that crack the top 15.


How Is The Safest Cities In Washington Determined?

Using FBI crime statistics in a major city and state, then compared to the rest of the country, looking at information that cities and jurisdictions report using the Summary Reporting System and the National Incident-Based Reporting System with the FBI. For more on the ranking methodology, click here.

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The Top 10 Safest Cities In Western Washington

  • #10 - Maple Valley: Population 28,065
  • #9 - Snoqualmie: Population 13,875
  • #8 - Ridgefield: Population 12,295
  • #7 - Kenmore: Population 23,326
  • #6 - Mercer Island: Population 26,251
  • #5 - Lake Stevens: Population 35,500
  • #4 – Lake Forest Park: 13,514
  • #3 – Bainbridge Island: Population 25,601
  • #2 – oak Harbor: Population 23,792
  • #1 – Sammamish: Population 66,855

How Can You Make Your City Safer & Better?

The first step to improving any city is talking and getting to know your neighbors. And not just the ones next door. Be part of your community, and get to know your local law enforcement and leaders. Share your ideas and concerns. While that community is being built, definitely safeguard yourself and your home. Invest in your home with a security system, and invest in yourself by learning self-defense techniques and reaching out to your local authorities on other training options.


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