Washington State has a lot to offer. With just about every type of outdoor activity you can think of from biking to kayaking to skiing and snowboarding to mountain climbing and so many other activities, it's no wonder why Washington State is the state to visit for any reason.

And fortunate enough for us to live here with all these great activities in our own backyard.

Money listed the top 50 best states to live in and one of our humble cities made the list.

This list was 50 wasn't meant to be one city per state so a few states and more than one while some have none. But one Washington city made the list.

Which Washington State City is the Best to Live In?

According to Money, the best city to live in for Washington is the small town of Camas.

What makes Camas, WA, so special? Well, plenty!

With a population of only 27,000, there's a lot of love in the town of Camas.

Just outside of Vancouver, WA, along the Columbia River, Camas still has that small-town feel though it's not exactly a small town and only a quick drive away from Vancouver or even Portland, OR.

There's a lot of history in Camas and the town still honors that history in several ways. It's nice to see in person.

There's plenty to walk and eat and sip making Camas a nice place to walk the streets to experience the local shops and restaurants.

From Money:

Today, the tree-lined streets of downtown Camas form a vibrant, walkable community that’s teeming with life. You can find locals dining outdoors at Natalia’s Cafe, an old school diner famous for its home-cooked breakfast, sipping merlot at Camas Cellars and perusing the ever-changing art at the Attic Gallery.

I'm just glad any town in Washington made the list.

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