It blew me away when an auction was held for an impressive 8.5 CGC Action Comics #1 earlier this month!

The winning bid purchased the iconic pop culture history piece for $6 Million! The main thing that made me scratch my head, besides how well this particular book was preserved, was why they didn’t save the auction for National Superman Day!

There is some confusion about which day is officially Superman Day. April 18th or June 12th?

April 18th is the celebration of the first appearance of Superman. Action Comics #1 was released on this day in 1938!

June 12th was deemed Superman Day by DC Comics in 2013 to help drum up excitement for the Henry Cavill film Man of Steel.

Warner Bros. Pictures
Warner Bros. Pictures

But since then, it seems that even DC has fallen back to the official day being April 18th!

I could go into detail about the history of the Kryptonian and how the Kents raised him in Smallville, Kansas, or the real-life history of his creation by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

But there are many sites that cover the real life and fictional history of the Big Blue Boy Scout than I ever could.

DC Comics
DC Comics

I will say that I love the man of steel so much because he’s the best of all of us. He gives us something to strive for and steps to follow (even if he’s flying).

And without being to corny, the character can give us all hope. Especially in the rough patch the world is in right now.

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So how do we celebrate it here in Yakima? I can think of 3 ways, and they're pretty simple.

1: Read A Book!
There's plenty to choose from, and many jumping on points, unless you just spent $6 Million, then you know which one to read (actually, don't you'll ruin it)!

bald guy reading a superman comic

2: Watch A Movie/TV Show!

From CW TV shows, Christopher Reeve films, to Justice League team up movies, you have many great (and some not so great) options. If you want to go down the rabbit hole in animation, you'll have SOOOO MUCH more to choose from! Luckily the MAX streaming service has quite the collection!

Warner Bros. Pictures
Warner Bros. Pictures

3: Play A Game!

Superman has been in several video games! At one point he was the most seen character in video games, until Mario and Sonic took the top spot. If you pick up a game to celebrate Superman Day, I recommend the Injustice fighting series, or any of the DC Lego games! Those are Super Fun (pun intended).


Tie a towel around your neck and try to fly! Or at least run around really fast!
(NOTE: Kids, get parents permission before you attempt to fly).

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