I was fortunate enough to spend Christmas day with my family. My biological family as well as my in-laws. It was a beautiful and fantastic time had by all (as far as I could tell). Now you maybe wondering, "why am I starting out this article about weapons, with the holiday we just celebrated?" Good question!

I was gifted not one, but two axe throwing games for Christmas. I've talked so much about my birthday party and throwing axes, that my brother and wife both thought that getting me the at home (hard plastic) version of the axe throwing game would be a great idea. It was and I'm thrilled, although they're both kicking themselves for not checking with each other first. I'm not worried, my friends and I are already scheming ideas for trick shots etc.

Toy Axe Throwing Set with a red axe stuck to a blue axe stuck into the bullseye

On top of the potentially violent game, we played a video game called Jack Box Party Pack, and inside the party pack was a game called TRIVIA MURDER PARTY 2. Fingers crossed that this becomes a new tradition in my household.

And last but not least, it wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't celebrate TBS's 24 hours of A Christmas Story. If by chance, you've NEVER seen this movie, The main plot is about a kid wanting a B.B. Gun for Christmas, and the dangers of getting that gun, and the intelligence about lying to cover up the truth of what had just happened with said firearm. And there's a sexy leg lamp too.


So with all these thoughts of weapons for Christmas, what weapons are NOT okay to own in Washington? I know Flame Throwers are okay, but what about these other ones?

6 Weapons That Are Highly Illegal To Own in Washington State

We had a few of these as kids, now you'll go to jail for them in Washington State.

Gallery Credit: Rik Mikals

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