Warning: Your mouth may start salivating by the time you finish reading this article!

The best thing about going to a food festival is getting to try some of the tasty samples. If you’re a huge foodie like me, then your ears (and appetite) probably perked right up!

12 Exciting Spring Food Festivals To Enjoy In Oregon
Portland Seafood and Wine Festival via Instagram/Canva

Time for a fun road trip to a food festival in Oregon! Springtime is perfect to attend a food festival in Oregon. If you’re driving up from a state like say, Washington or California, the mountain passes are usually snow-free on the highways, making it smooth sailing to travel to Oregon by car or train.


Oregon is known for using local foods unique to the state that add flavor and depth to ordinary dishes, like putting marionberries in everything, or offering vino, accompanied by award-winning Oregon cheeses.

We’ve seen a few of our favorite Oregon food festivals come and go (RIP Bite of Oregon and Feast Portland). I would say these days, one of the most popular food festivals in Oregon includes Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel, where German food and beer is the order of the day. Another regional favorite for those who don’t eat seafood, dairy, or meat, is the Vegan Food Festival (the 2024 date is going to be announced soon).

Vegan Night Market Oregon

Starting this February weekend, we get to enjoy foodie festivals like some of Oregon’s finest coastal seafood, a chowder food festival that lets you vote for our favorite chef’s chowder, and two beer fests to whet your taste buds. Are you up for the trip?

A few wine and food festivals are popping up in the month of March in Western Oregon, a chocolate festival in the Southeast, followed by a Southwestern Oregon food fest that ends with a big marathon run.

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When traveling in Oregon, remember that now you can pump your own gas without fear of breaking the law.

12 Tasty Oregon Spring Food Festivals to Enjoy

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