If you ever get lucky enough to visit Portland, keep this one thing in mind, being “normal” is boring.

Portland is the kind of city where anything is possible when it comes to restaurants, pubs, and cafes. If it’s an outside the box restaurant concept, Portland’s probably going to have it.

In this laidback city in the Pacific Northwest, you can find a truly unique spot to eat that appeals to the inner weirdo in you.

9 Funky Unique Spots to Play and Eat in Portland OR
Wonderwood Springs via Google Maps/Canva

Instead of telling your friends to meet you at a stale ol’ restaurant, how about telling them to meet you at a place where you can role play over dinner, or do some DIY crafts while you sip on something bubbly?

If you’re into video games, have your lunch or dinner meal with a Portland twist. There’s a bar for that, actually several!

It’s nice to find a place where you feel like you actually belong, whether that’s making your own cotton candy after dinner (for free, mind you), or dining at a restaurant that has strange and curious things to look at on the walls.

My favorite funky place to have dinner in Portland are those walk-up pizza joints downtown that also have a burlesque show. That’s something to do for the 21+ crowd, of course!

Dante's in Portland, OR
Dante's via Google Maps

These Portland gems are not hidden secrets; their funky reputations are well known among the locals. Even folks on Reddit will recommend these nine places to you!

If you want something unique and fun to do during your dinner, try one of these Portland eateries!

9 Funky Unique Spots to Play and Eat in Portland, Oregon

If you ever get lucky enough to hang out Portland, keep this one thing in mind, being “normal” is boring.

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