Go ahead. It’s a weekend. Cheat a bit. It’s really the only way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day! It all culminates National Ice Cream Month in July. Makes sense right? Warm/hot weather as you keep up with the melting ice cream while avoiding sticky hands? Sound familiar?

This Sunday is National Ice Cream Day. Now, the Ice Cream folks are smart. They planned this on a Sunday, most folks cheat days for those watching their figure. But then again, Ice Cream is the ULTIMATE Hall Pass for dieters.

IC 2

If you are up for a challenge, you should try homemade ice cream. Easy to make and it’s the perfect family thing to do. It’s something my grandparents and I used to do this as a kid. Made for some great memories. I grandfather used it to teach me. He had an old hand crank ice cream maker. He would scoff at the electric ones saying, “That motor defeats the purpose of discovering the reward of hard work.” I didn’t realize how much weight that had it then, but looking back now, it makes all manner of sense.

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It was work. You had to constantly turn the ice cream maker consistently for 20 minutes. We took turns doing the work of making ice cream. We would churn my grandfathers favorite – vanilla ice cream. Since I am a chocolate freak, I would pour on the chocolate syrup to sweeten it up. My grandfather and I would enjoy our ice cream and bond over it. I really miss him, but I got those memories. I recommend if you can, find a way to make home-made ice cream, this weekend or any other weekend.

It may not be good for your waistline, but it will do your soul, some good.


All My Best,

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