There are three Greek restaurants in Yakima, namely, Gyro House (3609 W Nob Hill Blvd) and Kabob House (2706 W Nob Hill Blvd Suite 103), and the other Kabob House (1901 S 1st St #102). Did you hear the news that the Kabob House restaurant just changed its name?


I just ordered some food from the Kabob House a few weeks ago. I had a hankering for some marinated shrimp kabob skewers, Greek rice, and a Greek salad. It was SOOO GOOD.


I wanted to order it online but had to end up going down there because I wanted to pay for it with cash instead of ordering with a debit/credit card. They do let you order through Door Dash, but I didn't feel like paying all those extra fees.

Ain't nobody got time for that!


I got an email today that said the Kabob House is changing the name of its restaurant. Say WHAT?!

screenshot via
screenshot via

They said they are changing it to Zullee Mediterranean Grill. They want to expand their restaurant brand nationwide and they feel that their old name, Kabob House, would not appeal to a national customer base. Perhaps they think that "Kabob House" is limiting what food menu options they can offer to customers.

That's too bad. I really loved the name, Kabob House. It's so, kabob-y! If there is ONE thing I know about myself, it's that I am a huge foodie. I love all kinds of food, American burgers and barbecue, Mexican enchiladas and burritos, Japanese hand-rolled California Roll sushi, Indian butter chicken and tikka masala with paneer, and Greek souvlaki with some pita and tzatziki sauce. I could keep on going but you get the picture.

"We came up with a fresh and unique new name...This will allow us to stand out and thrive." - Kabob House (Zullee Mediterranean Grill)

I guess as long as they still offer that delicious shrimp souvlaki and salad plate, I don't really give a [BLEEP] what they call their restaurant!


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