The other day, Cefus and I were driving down Nob Hill and I mentioned that I had never been to Kabob House. I hear people rave incessantly about the food, but I had never made my way over there. So we decided to hit it up for our lunch break.

First off if you haven’t been, Kabob House has a pretty cool setup. It’s smaller inside and they prepare and serve the food in front of you. When I opened up the menu, Cefus had to order for me because I had no idea what to get. It wasn’t because any of the looked bad, but the closest thing I’ve ever had to Mediterranean food is a pita pocket with humus from the Pita Pit in Ellensburg, so he ordered me the chicken souvlaki and he got the shrimp souvlaki. The chicken and shrimp came on a wooden kabob stick with a side of Greek yogurt and was served with fried rice and steamed vegetable with feta cheese sprinkled on top.

You know when you haven’t seen a movie that everyone else has already seen, and they give it so much hype that you have impossibly high expectations of that movie and when you finally see it for yourself it’s, eh, okay. Well that was my overall impression of my meal. The food was good, don’t get me wrong. The chicken was alright and having rice and steamed vegetables as a side dish was a healthier switch-up from horrible-for-you French fries, but I wasn’t blown away.

You know, though, I just tried one thing. Cefus loved the shrimp slouvaki and I haven’t tried the sandwiches and salads. I’ll definitely go there again, but to try something else. For those of you who have been, what do you guys like to get?

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