With fair season upon us, I feel like as parents we need a quick brain huddle to discuss plans to keep our kids safe!

The Evergreen Fair in Snohomish has a great checklist for keeping kids safe. Here are a few of their suggestions!

  • Take a close-up photo of your child and a photo of the two of you together and store them on your phone.
    Do this **BEFORE YOU ENTER THE FAIR. Now this is important. Why? Because if your child does go missing for whatever reason, authorities have an accurate picture that was taken that day!
  • Know the fair’s safe places and safe people.
    Show your kids where they can find "The Good People." Fair employees, supervisors, medics, and the lost and found.
  • Make tracking your child easy
    Dress your child in a shirt you would recognize in a big crowd! Bright colors work well for this!

And, DO NOT be afraid to use harness backpacks!  I for one am not going to be judging a parent who uses one at a place like the fair. There are a lot of people around, and kids get distracted -- and whether we want to admit it or not, parents do as well.

Watch this video and see just how easy it is for people to snatch your precious one ...

Now, think twice before you judge parents who are just trying to keep their children safe!

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