Kim Kardashian has launched a new slate of expensive bathroom accessories. Even the tissue box costs a pretty penny!

Kardashian's new line of SKKN BY KIM home goods pair the star's chic, luxe style with her minimalist lifestyle. The blank, high-end powder room essentials are made of cement and come with an even heavier price tag.

Customers will have to fork over $89 for the tissue box, while the vanity tray runs $65. A canister that holds smaller items like Q-tips also costs a hefty $65, while a round container for cotton balls costs $69. The wastebasket costs a whopping $129, if you care to throw away your money.

Thrifty buyers can save a little coin by snagging the five-piece bundle for $355. (Emphasis on saving a little coin.)

See the collection below:

"When I designed the packaging for my SKKN by Kim skincare line, I drew inspiration from concrete sculpture and varying shades of stone," Kardashian said in a press release.

"I knew I wanted to complement my skincare collection with home accessories designed to display my products and elevate the home with modern, minimalistic elegance. When designing this collection, I wanted to bring the monochromatic interior design elements from my home to others," she added.

Though the pieces come with questionable price tags, the homeware items are supposedly built for longevity — if cared for properly.

According to the product details on the line's webpage, the products should be cleaned using only a wet cloth and mild detergent.

"We do not recommend using microfiber or terrycloth towels," the company warns, instructing prospective buyers not to submerge the pieces in water, expose them to excess sunlight or clean them with any products that could stain the concrete.

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