When I saw this I thought it might be just a stunt to gain publicity for the Kardashian TV show on E, and it most likely will turn out to be just that. The Los Angeles suburb known as Glendale is about twice the size of Yakima, WA and selects is Mayor the same way. Most of us in the political arena don't announce on a reality TV show that we are going to run for office in 5 years, which is another reason to believe this is just a publicity stunt. Her show may be cancelled in the next 5 years and that would get the network off the hook from having to provide equal time to any of her potential challengers. I can't imagine the Glendale City Council being very impressed by Kim Kardashian announcing on her reality TV show, and declaring that she wants to become the Mayor in a town that does not directly elect the Mayor. In Glendale, like Yakima you have to run for City Council and get elected before you can make the case to your Council mates why you should lead the group. Mark my words this is just for publicity, which is what she is getting from me writing this article.

Now I could be wrong, but even if she does run for City Council and get elected she still has to be chosen by her colleagues to become Mayor and that is not can easy task for someone who is serious about serving their community. I'm not saying she's not serious about running for office but it seems pretty hallow to announce you want to become the Mayor years before you run for office of a town you don't even live in. Time will tell if this is for publicity or for real. Here is the article form ABC radio news.

(LOS ANGELES) -- Mayor Kim Kardashian has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? The reality TV star wants to become mayor of Glendale, Calif., a suburb of Los Angeles.

In a bonus clip of Sunday's episode of the E! series Khloe & Lamar posted online, Kim tells her sister Khloe that she will run for mayor of Glendale in five years. She says she's enlisted a friend's help in launching a campaign, and that she has to "buy a house there, you have to have residency there."

Kim, who has an Armenian background, also notes that the city has a sizable Armenian-American population.

Glendale city officials clarify that the mayor of the city is not elected, but rather is selected "by a nomination and subsequent majority vote of his/her colleagues during the annual reorganization meeting of the city council, which takes place on an annual basis during the month of April."

If Kim is serious about becoming mayor of Glendale, she must establish residency and become a registered voter there. Glendale officials say the city clerk's office "has not received any inquiries from any potential candidates regarding the 2017 Glendale municipal elections."