The Band Perry have released a scathing new song about infidelity, and singer Kimberly Perry's ex-husband, former MLB player J.P. Arencibia, is having absolutely none of it.

The sibling trio dropped their new song, "The Good Life," on Thursday (July 11), and it features a scorching lyric that torches an ex who is accused of infidelity.

"Have a have a have a good life / Have a have a have a good life / You had a had a had a good life / But you gave it up for hoes / Have a have a have a good life / You're never gonna have it good twice / Have a have a have a good life / That's how the good life goes," she sings in the chorus.

Elsewhere in the song, the disses are even more brutal, with Perry sneering, "Glad I never had your baby / This'll be a cleaner cut," and "Sick I ever touched your body / Sick you ever tasted mine / I should burn the sheets on my bed." In one line she even says, "I just wanna break your neck."

Perry explained the song in an Instagram post, saying that it is based on an infidelity she experienced, adding that she has learned that her self-worth is not determined by one person or their actions.

Neither the song nor her post directly reference Arencibia, from whom she filed for divorce in March of 2018. But he clearly took the song as being aimed at him, turning to Instagram to post, "It's sad that at 36 years of age today, a person would try to revive a dying career with click bait. Well, here's just a little taste of reality to a woman and family that are not in touch with it … swipe left."

He tagged his former wife and the Band Perry in his post, in which he shared a series of text exchanges. It's unclear who the other people were in the messages, but the conversations seemed to shed a little light on the inner workings of the Band Perry, representing the entire family as unreasonable to deal with, driven entirely by self-interest and under the thumb of controlling parents.

"I saw how they did stuff, but how brutal they have been is pretty funny," one text read, and others echoed the sentiment of relief at getting away from the family.

Another exchange found the person on the other end of it volunteering to come forward and say Perry is lying, adding that nothing untoward went on.

Arencibia had the last word, posting a PS that said, "Yes after she left me I dated other women." He appeared to be addressing his ex-wife directly as he concludes, "I never signed a NDA like you made everyone else to hide what you all do."

He has since deleted that text, but he issued a formal statement denying infidelity.

The Band Perry shot to instant fame in 2010 with the massive success of "If I Die Young," and they scored a subsequent string of country hits. In more recent years the sibling trio have confused fans by switching from country music to pop music, then back to country, then going full pop before splitting from their pop label home, Interscope Records. In September of 2018, they released an EP of full-on electronic music, Coordinates. Their pop efforts have failed to rekindle their early success.

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