There's a story making the rounds today of this gal in Los Angeles who dragged her Christmas Tree into Costco to return it... ON JANUARY 4TH!!

A guy named Scott Bentley posted all about it Facebook.  He mentioned that she attempted to return it "because it is dead".  She had no shame at all! lol.

Scott Bentley/Facebook
Scott Bentley/Facebook

We've all done it right?!  Used something and returned it?   I'll admit that I've done that... especially with items from Costco.  Now I didn't do it on purpose or with the intention of returning it following use, but hear me out.

Those big Costco camping tents... I bought it just days before Memorial Day weekend one year, and following the weekend of use, I returned it.  We simply realized that we would be using it again for another year and the thought of dropping $250 on something that we used once, I just couldn't get past it.

I don't do it all the time... but I have.  You?

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