Springtime offers abundant opportunities for fun in the sun here in Eastern Washington.

Having grown up in Chelan County, I'm always drawn back each year to some of the places I came to know and love. From outdoor recreation to fabulous foods, wine, brew, and festive events,  our region has plenty to offer.

Lake Chelan is one of Washington States Premiere Getaway Destinations

Chelan is a hospitable little town situated on the shores of Lake Chelan. Summertime is the right time to be on the lake and thousands visit every year. However, don't overlook the beauty and enjoyment of visiting Lake Chelan in the spring. Some world-class wineries await you and there are many first-rate restaurant and lodging options available. A cruise up lake to Stehekin is a must for a memorable day to soak in some of the PNW's most amazing natural beauty. In May, the popular lake Chelan Wine and Jazz Festival takes place, featuring The Manhattan Transfer.

Lake Chelan Wine & Jazz Festival - via lakechelan.com
Lake Chelan Wine & Jazz Festival - via lakechelan.com
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Check Out The Lake Chelan Cam - Anytime 24/7

This is so cool. Anytime you want to see what you're missing from a beautiful downtown Chelan perspective, check this out. CHELAN REALTY CAM.

via lakechelancams.com Chelan Realty Cam
via lakechelancams.com
Chelan Realty Cam

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