Well here we are...Valentines Day 2012! I suppose you've been ready for this day since last month. Yeah right, if you are like me then you need to come up with something fast that doesn't look fast. My wife and I have been married for over 6 years and it seems like I never have time to get ready for Valentines day. She is always saying all she wants is for me to put some thought into what to get her. You know, the kind of thought you put in during the "chase." I'll just come out and say it, guy are simple. Tell us what you want and we will get it. That's all good in our world gentlemen, but when it comes to keeping the ladies (lady) happy and in love we have to communicate and operate in their world. So the next question is how do we do that? Here are some quick Valentines Day gifts that don't look like you bought them at the register as you were checking out.

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    apartment therapy

    When was the last time you wrote her a hand written love letter? That's what I thought. She will think you put all this time into thinking about her and it will mean way more than a card.

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    Get some Rose Peddles and Bubble Bath, doll up the bathroom with candles and have some treats for her to enjoy while she relaxes in nice warm bath. Wait on her and and foot and it's a done deal!

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    Take her to see the Last Five Years at the Warehouse Theatre. This love story is sure to get her all romantic and appreciate the relationship you two have.The next show is on Thursday, call 509-966-0951 to get tickets.

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