While music is her mainstay, Lauren Alaina reveals that she's now caught the acting bug after starring in her first feature film.

Alaina makes her small screen debut in the 2017 film based on her new album and lead single of the same name, Road Less Traveled. In her first starring role, Alaina plays a young woman named Charlotte who's just about to get married and is dealing with the stress of planning a wedding while trying to juggle her career as a songwriter in Los Angeles. She returns to her hometown in Tennessee to find a little peace, and ends up bumping into her high school sweetheart.

Though the filming process was a rigorous one, with shooting occurring in between Alaina's tour dates throughout three weeks' time, resulting in 15-hour days, Alaina says she's eager to take on more acting roles.

"I got to express myself in a whole new way as a different person on camera, in a different way as an actress, and I loved it," the country singer gushes. "I can't wait to do more."

Speaking about her favorite actors, Alaina excitedly brings up her love for Theo Jamesmost popularly know as Four in the Divergent seriesand everyone's favorite, Jennifer Lawrence.

"She's just funny and she doesn't care and that's so inspiring to me," Alaina says of the superstar actress, adding that she hopes to be best friends with the star. "She's just like who she is and does not apologize for it, which I think is awesome."

Alaina's new album debuted on Jan. 27 and features 12 songs all co-written by the star. The album's first single, "Road Less Traveled," is currently in the Top 15 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart.

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