You have to be asking yourself right now, "why in the world did Seahawks come out with their own potato chips?" Well, they didn't. Lays Potato chips had someone going to Football games and asking teams for contributions.

What sort of contributions, dirt, they wanted dirt to grow potatoes. Each team that participated donated dirt from their home field and of course the Seahawks got in on the action.

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Over 29 different teams donated soil to participate in Lays Golden Ground producing bags of potato chips where the potatoes were grown in soil from each team's field. This was to celebrate the return of Lays advertising with the NFL after 17 long years.

Frito-Lay started by getting dirt from all over the country of our favorite teams, then they handed it over to the potato farmers who spread the dirt into different fields to infuse the rich soil from our favorite teams into growing the potatoes.

How do you get your hands on a bag? Well with only 200 bags available for the team it's close to impossible to buy unless you find them on eBay for thousands of dollars. However, you can now enter online to win a bag of chips with your team of choice!

To get in on the giveaway you have to follow the link below and choose your team of choice!

Lays Golden Grounds Sweepstakes! 

Seahawks Potato Chips


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