Every year many who attend the fair avoid parking and traffic problems by grabbing a ride to the fair from Yakima Transit. You can do that again this year. A press release from the city says the buses will be providing rides to the Central Washington State Fair throughout its 10-day run. Shuttle buses will run continuously from three locations at Gateway Center (home to Target and other stores).

You can grab a ride at different locations

One is the Park and Ride location across from Gateway Center. The other shuttle stops are between the two south entrances into Gateway Center on North Fair Avenue.
“This year’s shuttle is being operated the same as previous years,” said Yakima Transit Manager Alvie Maxey. “It has been successful and people have come to rely on it.”
Shuttles will begin operating a half-an-hour before the fair opens each day and stop a half hour after it closes each night.
Yakima Transit Free Fair Shuttle Bus Service Hours

First Departure                      Last Departure

From Gateway Center              from Fairgrounds

Friday, September 23                         11:30 am                                 11:30 pm

Saturday, September 24                    10:30 am                                 11:30 pm

Sunday, September 25                       10:30 am                                 10:30 pm

Monday, September 26                      11:30 am                                 10:30 pm

Tuesday, September 27                     11:30 am                                 10:30 pm

Wednesday, September 28                11:30 am                                 10:30 pm

Thursday, September 29                    11:30 am                                 10:30 pm

Friday, September 30                         11:30 am                                 11:30 pm

Saturday, October 1                           10:30 am                                 11:30 pm

Sunday, October 2                             10:30 am                                   9:30 pm

All regular Yakima Transit bus routes and schedules will operate normally throughout the fair with standard fares being charged. The #6 Fair Avenue/North Fourth Street route also serves the fairgrounds every half hour from the Downtown Transit Center with the last bus leaving at 6:15 pm.

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