Much like you, I have ‘Rona fatigue. I am tired of hand washing, mandatory mask wearing, kids not in school and watching businesses close here in the Yakima Valley. This is not right.

What I don’t understand the most is, living in fear. I do not live there. Never have. I am a calculating risk taker. If it makes sense, and the risk is worth it, I go with it based on my individual interest.

So, when did we stop taking risks? I am all about security, but we can’t always have that as much as we would love too. It’s just not realistic.

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Living in fear is not living. It’s self-induced misery. Mexican revolutionary leader Emiliano Zapata said,  “It's better to die upon your feet than to live upon your knees!”

It feels like we are on our knees right now. Is that really who we are? A nation in fear?

With this attitude, the moon would still not have been explored, America would not exist as the greatest country in the world and the word pioneer would not exist.

Here’s the other part that I don’t understand – Rona’s survival rate is 99%.


Why the fear? Why the panic? 99% survival are pretty good odds. I just wish we would act like it.

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Our leaders are failing us. Forcing lockdowns while businesses close and jobs are lost. My heart breaks for those who are losing their livelihood and life savings when they have to close their business. This is not right.

This goes too for forcing school closures based on decisions other than science (the transmission rate is almost non-existent with kids and is actually the safest place for kids to be). This goes for forcing churches to close or limit participants. But it’s ok to go out and protest in masses? Why are our leaders doing this? Shouldn’t it be our informed choice to go or not to go as we please? Again, the deference shown here is incredible. So is the hypocrisy.

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We have rights. Let’s use them while respecting each other. Wear a mask out of respect for others. Pro-mask wearers, be patient with those who choose not to wear. They are not trying to make anyone sick (where again, 99% will recover). It is your right as an American to not be forced wear something you don’t want to do – mandates or not.

Common sense has no political affiliation – it’s just level clear headed thinking. We should rediscover it.

This is a call to rediscover what it means to be free and able to make choices based on our individual interests, while respecting others.

We need to start asking questions of those in power because one thing is clear, during ‘Rona, they are taking advantage of us. Next time we hear a politician announce more restrictions, we need to ask some really good questions – and they need to answer them. If they can pass the question test, chances are, it’s probably right choice. It not, we will have more questions.

Yes, we can walk and chew gum at the same time. Knowing your rights, is a good start. I will bring the gum.

All My Best,

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