Ma and Pop shops have gone nearly extinct since covid-19, but innovative store owners have not only stayed afloat during hard times but even reinvented their buisnesses. Even with a hard time, these places stayed open and people are obsessed with them.

So here are four of our favorite local shops around the Yakima Valley. Make sure to let us know about more shops around town that didn't make the list so we can go check them out for ourselves as well!

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4.) Vintage Me on 3rd St in Yakima

Their motto is "Do More Things That Make You Happy", they carry home decor and beautiful custom furniture. With everything from cabinets to dressers, you'll be sure to fall in love with any one of their pieces. To see all of their amazing items for sale follow the link below!

Vintage Me items for sale

3.) Old Mill Country Store, 1504 s 36th ave

Love the country lifestyle, then this is the place for you, with so much more than just animal feed, including clothing, boots, even wildlife feed for hunting. Old Mill Country store strives to provide more than just their goods but to make sure every last customer is satisfied before walking out their doors. A true Ma and Pop shop you'll love to support.

2.) Farmgirl Pickings, 1605 Summitview Ave

Looking to make your house feel a little more homely, then Farmgirl Picking's is the perfect place for you. They carry vintage home goods including farm-style decorations that will have you doing your own extreme home makeover.

1.) Fiddlesticks, 1601 Summitview Ave

Fiddlesticks is a go-to spot for all of us, it's perfect for gifts, or everyday household items, with a change of merch every season, and for every holiday. Their attentive staff gladly help you thru the store and find anything you're looking for from gifts, decorations, household decor and delicious food prep meals, chocolates, and more.

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