I don't know why it seems that people always tend to focus more on food as we head into the weekends. Perhaps it's because we're more likely to cook outdoors, fire up the barbecue or the smoker or perhaps just get together with family and friends. Hmmm, come to think of it, I guess I've answered my own question. Here it is, only Tuesday!

Still, perhaps my trouble could be an over-involvement with food. I mean, I'd like to think of myself as a foodie with good taste. Hopefully, not a gourmand but more of an epicuregourmet, or gastronome. Wait. I've got an idea. I'll step onto my new Digital bathroom scale with a slick electronic voice and digital display. Oops. It just reads ERROR and the voice just said 'ONE PERSON AT A TIME'. Ok. Maybe gourmand then.

Let's think about food together, shall we? Here are some completely random thoughts I've had today - like - when was the last time I had my favorite Sushi?

Long before COVID, Obento House has been tucked into a tiny cluster of medical offices just off of Summitview, exclusively preparing sushi to go.  They don't offer tables and do not have a website. Instead, they make fresh sushi rolls, yakisoba, steam bao (flour bun), BBQ pork, and other favorite Japanese menu items to go, including a "secret menu" that the owner Grace says, "People find out about and when they order it we make it for them."

One of those items is Okonomiyaki (a light pancake filled with stir-fried vegetables and your choice of octopus, shrimp, or scallops) for just $12. It's a lot of food so Grace recommends it for dinner or when you eat your biggest meal. You'll find Obento House at 11 N 11th Avenue, #105, or by phone 509-575-7879.

Tonight, we're having Italian food to celebrate our 18-year-old's birthday, fulfilling her special request. Tomorrow, Sushi it is. Heck, that will bring us to Wednesday and it will be just about time to plan for the weekend. See how things just seem to work out?
Bon Appétit

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