If I found $43,000 in a couch I bought from the thrift store, I have a hard time believing I'd turn it in. $43,000 is life-changing for most people. I could pay off both cars, credit cards, and put the rest in savings. That's why I'm not nearly half the man Howard Kirby of Michigan is. Howard frequently shops at Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Owosso, Mich.

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Howard bought a couch, brought it home, and had it in his home for weeks. The couch, however, was uncomfortable. His daughter did some troubleshooting and pulled up the couch cushions. That's when she found the money. I would have taken that money and put it in the bank right then and there. But not Howard. Doing something like that wouldn't have sat well with him. He called the ReStore to find out who had donated the couch. He was able to locate the original owner.

The couch belonged to the grandfather of Kim Fauth-Newberry. He died last year and she donated the couch. Howard was able to coordinate a surprise party with the store and give her the money.

I'm still in awe of the heart in this guy. He's admitted he needs a new roof. He has a legitimate monetary need there and he still did the right thing.

If you're asking about the legality of the scenario, it's not against the law to keep any money you've found. It may cross the grey line of morality, but not legality. I'm inspired by this guy. We need more people like Howard.

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