Today is the day: March Madness kicked off this morning, and that means the yearly bracket guessing bonanza locks in!  People all over the country have racked their brains and double-checked their stats to put in their best bets.

So how did you make your picks? Did you pick based on seedings? Or how about based on which team is your personal favorite? Well, I did neither of those. Instead, I chose a much different approach. I chose my brackets based on which mascot I felt would win in a face-to-face battle royale!

For example, the Nevada Wolf Pack will take on the Florida Gators in the first round, so who would win? A Wolf or a Gator? Well, that is an easy one. You would have to choose the gator. But what about the not-so-easy ones, like the schools whose mascots on paper is different than their on-court mascot? Ole Miss is a great example. They are the Rebels, but their mascot at games in Tony the Landshark. An even better example is the Liberty Flames -- yes, flames like fire. But on the court it's a bird. So do I put fire against their opponents or the bird? Well, I came to the decision that if it's a battle of mascots, I had to go with who/what was on the court. So for this team I went with their bird!

I have The Duke Blue Devils and Ole Miss ("Tony the LandShark") going head to head in the Finals. I chose the Blue Devils because it's a magical creature and probably possesses powers that its opponents cannot overcome. And Tony the Landshark because ... well ... it's a shark!

I have Duke taking home the trophy in the end!

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