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OK, I’ll admit it – I loathe the idea of wearing a mask. I have joked that it clashes with my style. That’s very shallow logic isn’t it? But honestly, there is more to it than vanity. Putting personal choice aside, there are some reasons NOT to wear masks, including some legitimate health reasons.  

It’s about an informed common-sense choice. Yes, COVID is real. It’s hurt and affected a lot people. That pain cannot be discounted, nor will it.    

However, it seems like we have all in on mask wearing. I get it - we all want to contribute and not see anyone else get sick.  

With that said, we have questions. Such as, are there good reasons not to wear a mask during COVID? Turns out, there are.  

Let me be clear – these are not reasons to justify NOT wearing a mask. Use this information to make an informed choice as to whether you should wear one or not.  

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Wearing Masks Restrict Oxygen Intake 

According to health experts, wearing masks like N95 masks reduce oxygen intake by anywhere from 5 to 20 percent. That's significant. Even for a healthy person. If you have a respiratory illness this may not be recommended and you should consult your physician. Not only can the masks cause dizziness and pigheadedness, but they can also damage the lungs. 

Studies also showed that production is down while wearing masks. This information we have heard very little about. As always, be safe in your workplace and consider your co-workers.  

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Should Expectant Mothers Wear Masks? 

A November 2015 study, suggests pregnant health care workers should think twice about wearing an N95 mask due to the limiting oxygen for both the mother and child. Proper oxygen intake is vital to a fetus. Choose wisely. 


Shouldn’t It Be An Individual Choice To Wear? Or To Not Wear? 

No one likes to be forced to do things they don’t like. It’s a good to have choices. We can choose in our own interests to wear a mask or not. However, you choose, it should be an informed decision. With freedom comes responsibility. Ask yourself, is it safe to wear to NOT wear at home? At work? In public? At the park? Common sense is key here. Am I choosing symbolism Over substance? Am I wearing with purpose?  Am I doing this because everyone else is? Or am I doing this to save others from potential spread?     


Marginalizing For Your Choice 

I had a friend recently post that if you are not wearing a mask, you are making others sick and you will be responsible for their potential death. Wow. That’s a bit harsh. It’s also an unknowable. On the other hand, I had a friend tell me that if you are afraid of going out with others NOT wearing a mask, that you are free to stay home. While that is true, we all want to be good stewards of our fair City of Yakima. Respecting each other's choice is important as Individual's have different needs and requirements. We have to respect that.   

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Your Rights vs. Others Rights 

There are some who are concerned about their rights. That’s a good thing. We should always be concerned about our individual rights. You have them for a reason. Know your rights and assert them with the proper information. While doing this, exercise them while balancing others preferences and respecting their choice as well. We all have different thoughts, preferences and ideas – and that’s good. We always hear about diversity is a good thing. This includes diversity of thought. Just keep mind, not all manage situations the way you do.  

In all, erring on the side of caution is always a good practice. Making  informed decision even better.   

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