Seattle is known for plenty of things, coffee, technology, sports but one of the most famous things to come out of Seattle is its music. The Grunge genre was born in Washington and said to be perfected in Seattle.

However the Grunge genre isn't the only music to come out of Seattle, rock and roll legends were born in Washington along with famous jazz musicians, hip hop artists, and more. So let's take a look at the five most famous songs to come out of Washington and Seattle.

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5.) Sir Mix-a-Lot Baby Got Back

One of the bigger hits of the 90's radio stations everywhere was playing this song nonstop and at least every hour. It became a loved and hated song, many parents and older people who worked in the industry found the song overly vulgar and extremely sexualized.

Not even that could slow down the song's success, it reached the top of the charts, found itself in commercials, television, and movies. To this day it's still what the kids would call a bop.

4.) Macklemore Thrift Shop

If you lived in Washington back in 2013 the name Macklemore was notorious in the city of Seattle. What was just a fun song released locally soon became an internet sensation. Where most musicians and rappers talk about expensive clothes and jewelry, spending bands on fancy cars and homes, Macklemore found a way to truly connect with his audience.

Macklemore's song Thrift Shop was all about being smart with your money, going to thrift stores to save what you had, and creating your own unique and vintage style. The song was easy to sing along to and the beat was one you found yourself humming and singing randomly throughout the day. Without a doubt one of the most famous songs to come out of Seattle.

3.) Alice in Chains Would?

Alice in Chains carried one of the most Successful Albums of the 90s, another Grunge band born and bred out of Washington would reach worldwide like fame from their crunchy sounds and deep lyrics.

Frontman Layne Staley publicly struggled with addiction and was constantly fighting to come back from the depths of his own personal hell. But through the pain, he wrote what would become some of the most emotional and deepest lyrics inside his genre. Along with his harmonizing, range, and determination to see his work come to life the whole band struck gold with their song, Would? It was written in remembrance of their close friend Andrew Wood, lead singer of Mother Love Bone, who had passed away after losing his battle with addiction.

The song was raw, real, and vulnerable tackling the issues of loss and the true battle of addiction. It skyrocketed on charts and was called a true masterpiece by fans and musicians.

2.) Jimmy Hendrix Voodoo Child

Jimmy Hendrix didn't find his fame while performing in his hometown Seattle, tho he was extremely talented and would go on to become an icon Jimmy couldn't find success. He enlisted into the airforce under infantry and became a parachute jumper. After an injury he was honorably discharged where he would continue his music career but this time in England.

Becoming one of the biggest acts in England it was only a matter of time before his fame met him over in the States and of course, it did. Jimmy Hendrix to this day is still hailed to be one of the greatest guitarists of all time along with his lyrical talent and his dare to dream it's fair to say Jimmy Hendrix inspired more than just a generation. His song Voodoo Child was the final song of his final album and was hailed to be one of his greatest songs of all time. Funny enough the song shot up to number one across Uk charts not long after Hendrix's death, but the US didn't give it much airplay. But now almost 42 years later it's received over 10 billion plays combined on American radio stations.

1.) Nirvana Smell Like Teen Spirit

Frontman Kurt Cobain was one of the greatest songwriters of his generation and credited for helping to be a founding father in the world of Grunge music. Granted Kurt was never that accepting of his status and didn't consider himself to be famous, he just wanted to become a music icon like so many of his heroes before him. Kurt had many hard times in his life, growing up he constantly fought with his father, found himself homeless and couch surfing, and eventually led him too hard drugs. Kurt found some clarity in life when the band Nirvana formed. He not only had a full-fledged outlet for his pain but also a new career with a bright future.

Nirvana captured the hearts of the world with their crunchy-sounding music with lyrics that seemed almost like nonsense but held true deep meanings behind them. Nirvana found worldwide success after the release of their album Nevermind which catapulted them into stardom. On that album was the song Smells Like Teen Spirit. A song known around the entire world and after a study is proven to be the most recognizable song in the world. Wouldn't ya know it came right here from our home of Washington.

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