I know it's too early to be talking about Mother's Day when Easter hasn't even happened yet, and I feel like one of those stores who breaks out the Christmas decorations right after Memorial Day Weekend! Mother's Day, however, is right around the corner and you should start thinking about making those BRUNCH reservations NOW!

I know this to be true, because last year, I waited too late to make my reservations and every place I wanted to go for brunch was already filled up!

This year, I made my reservations early (two weekends ago, in fact). I sat down and thought long and hard about where I wanted to eat with my 7-year old daughter, Willow, and I pondered what I wanted to be eating.

I decided on Yakima's newest "reservations only" restaurant, Provisions. They let you make reservations online (SCORE!) so I promptly scooped up the time I wanted since no one else is thinking about Mother's Day this time of year.

Make your reservations at Provisions here, or check out a list of other places in town you might like to treat your mom (or yourself) for a special Mother's Day brunch!

Where do you like to treat your mom to brunch for Mother's Day in the Yakima Valley?

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