Chex Mix has been a staple holiday tradition for many. It's a simple recipe that involves cereal other than eating with cold milk. Much like Rice Krispies Treats or Golden Graham's 'indoor smores' it involves the cereal as they key ingredient as well as a few other key items to make a quick snack. Though the usual recipe may call for several varieties of Chex cereal, mind includes something that's not easy to find.

To bring you up to speed, back in the day they had a contest in South Korea on what the next flavor of Chex would be. The options were chocolate or green onion. The green onion was meant to be a joke but, because The Internet, people voting online favored the green onion variety just to be silly. Though green onion won in the online poll, they made the chocolate Chex anyways. There was an Internet outcry for a while and, to make good, several years later they decided to release this green onion variety because, well, they can. And they did.

This isn't available outside of South Korea so I had to import a box. I never did try it with milk, but I knew with the holidays coming up they'd be perfect for Chex Mix. And they were.

They're already lightly seasoned but still combined with the Chex Mix seasonings (onion powder, garlic powder, Worchester sauce and more) this turned out great. Something fun anyways.

Not that the Chex matter, we usually just pick out all the mixed nuts first, but still. I figured I'd be fun to make. Glad I did.

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