"Where is Spirit Halloween going to be in Yakima in 2023?"

Well, it's a question some are asking as with summer coming to an end and young and old alike are getting ready for a season of spooks, Spirit Halloween brings in that Halloween season with decorations, gadgets and plenty of costumes for all ages.

But where is Spirit Halloween in Yakima?

They can't go back to their old location being there's a new store taking over soon. There are a few buildings they could use, though.

John Riggs
John Riggs

We're not quite sure, yet, but there are a few places in Yakima where it could go.

The old Ace (and Daily Deals or about a month) next to JoAnn Fabric at Tieton Village could be a spot. There's plenty of room and could see this happen.

Sears at Valley Mall would be a great location. Wouldn't even need to use the entire building, just section off enough of it to make the store as big as they need.

I placed a call to Spirit Halloween headquarters to see if I could get an answer and it went straight to voice mail. If I hear back, I'll let you know.

If you can't wait, Spirit Halloween is set for Moses Lake, Tri-Cities, East Wenatchee, and a couple in Spokane are ready to roll. Yakima won't be too far off, I'm sure. A location in Sunnyside would be great, too.

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