Hey there, your Resident Fellow Foodie here, just salivating at the thought of trying out a new restaurant in the Yakima Valley, especially one that serves Fry Bread Tacos!


You see, the other weekend, I went to the Moxee Hop Festival and I had been praying to the foodie gawds that there would be a Fry Bread stand. My prayers were heard because there actually WAS one there on site, but unfortunately, my 10-year-old daughter begged me to let her go play in the bouncy house area instead of standing in line for me to eat something, so I made the sad decision to "bounce" away from the fry bread stand. I have regretted it ever since.


Fast-forward two weeks later to this afternoon when I heard from a birdie over at the Yakima Herald (a.k.a. I saw an article written by the Herald''s Pat Muir that was posted on the 'WTF Just Happened in Yakima?' Facebook group, and I clicked on the article talking about a food truck business that had hit the big time. The place co-owned by FB post guy, Travis Lucky Bob, had become a full-fledged restaurant in Toppenish!

Oh snap, as my kid says! This is some huge news!


This new eaterie is called A&B Native American Cuisine*. Do you know of any other restaurants to recommend where I can find some tasty fry bread tacos? Please let me know in the comments below! Allegedly, there's still the Fry Bread Stand over there on Fort Rd & Teo Rd in the parking lot. I'll have to investigate this allegation for "research purposes" only of course. Winks.

I haven't been able to sample as much authentic Native American food lately as my starving palette would have liked. Never before hearing or tasting fry bread tacos, I finally got my paws on some over seven (7) years ago at the Toppenish Pow Wow. I was instantly hooked and fell in love with the dish. It's actually listed of the menu in a Foodie's Paradise (according to me).

Besides giving customer service with a smile and some great old skool R&B and Hip Hop jams in the restaurant, the expanded A&B Native American Restaurant also serves customers some delicious-looking burgers, desserts, "NDN Tacos" as they refer to what us lay people might call "Indian Tacos", and more!

You can join their Facebook group, A&B Native American Cuisine, to be tempted with more reasons to make the trek to dine out there in Toppenish or you can show your support for this new local Native American-owned business by stopping by for lunch or something!

The food truck has been around for two years (according to the Facebook group they just celebrated their two-year business anniversary.

One great reason to stop by and show your love for the new biz is how they win you over with their raison d'etre: A&B want you your appetite to be "inspired by the generosity and spirit of our culture, teachings from our Elders and the creativity of our children, to bring good food to your hands!"

Y'all had me at "good food." Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to keep my cool over here until it's lunch time! A&B, here I come!

*A&B Native American Cuisine: 208 S Toppenish Ave in Toppenish, WA.

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