I detest eating sweet foods at breakfast time, like muffins, fruit, pastries and doughnuts, so when I saw our company email alert about the "free doughnuts in the conference room", I did my usual eye rolls and "Pshht, please!" and "Talk to the hand."

For some reason though, after reading the tempting email, I decided that yes, I want something free to eat. Gimme. GIM. ME.

The At-Work Conference Room Donut Fairy had apparently stopped by Krispy Kreme this morning, and she did not disappoint. I saw many boxes of their famous Original donuts on the table, and a couple of boxes marked "LEMON" in all caps.

"LEMON GLAZE, WTF?" I whispered to myself, tilting my head slightly, as one does when thinking, "Say what, now?!" My mouth watered.

I lifted the lid of the box with the screaming all caps, took one Lemon Glaze doughnut from the box and nibbled a bite.

I instantly fell in love. It has just the right amount of a tarty kick that you get from a lemon, blended with the deliciousness of the sweet original glaze flavor that K.K. is known for!

I highly recommend you try it, but you'll have to get a move on it, because apparently, Yakima's Krispy Kreme (2329 South First St) is only offering the new Lemon Glaze doughnut for ONE WEEK (April 23-29). It was voted as the best flavor by fans with tastebuds across America.

If you are interested in helping your non-profit fundraise some money by selling boxes of Krispy Kremes, maybe you can sell your crew something different, like these Lemon Glaze doughnuts! Yum!

Meanwhile, I'm all sad because the doughnuts in the conference room are all gone! *dials Uber Eats*

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