It was with a heavy heart we all said, "Good Bye!" to Jackson's sports bar. The immediate follow up question, especially around Yakima, is 'I wonder what's going to go in that location.' Well, it looks like at least part of it is going to be a place called Club 48 which offers drinking, night clubbing and poker playing.

I only drove by and just saw the sign. I'm not sure if this club is intending to take over the entire Jackson's area. The sign hangs above a side door where the 'club house lounge' used to be so it may be for just that area, leaving the rest of the old Jackson's open for something else to come in. I'm not exactly sure, yet.

I could see it both ways but if it's just a night club with a little poker I could see it just being that wing of the old Jackson's. I guess time will tell.

You can see this sign and maybe peep in the windows on 48th and Tieton next to the old Jackson's sign.

Soon as we know more we'll let you know. I'm excited!

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