Extra, extra, read all about it! Yakima has a new restaurant opening called My Ma Dim Sum!

If you love food, you'll love little plates full of delicious bites that you can share with the whole family or a table full of friends then this is the spot you'll have to check-out, once they open.

I was perusing Facebook last night when I saw one of the professional foodies of Yakima, Shawn Niles, proclaim, "There’s a dim sum restaurant coming into Yakima? Did I die and go to heaven?" It made me do a double-take for sure so I had to start doing some snooping.

The license for My Ma Dim Sum was created about four months ago and the public notice just went up on the outside of the building on October 16th, 2020.

My Ma Dim Sum is located at 107 South 1st Street Suite #106.

I've reached out to the owner, Brandi Nguyen, for more details about when we can expect this new beauty to open but word on the street is Brandi has experience with successful shops so I am super tickled to see inside and support.

Finger food is kind of my jam and though there are a few places you can grab a bit of dim sum around town, a whole restaurant devoted to these types of dishes is the diversity I just love about our growing food options in Yakima.

My Ma Dim Sum

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