If you think the news can scare you with reports of what's going on in the Middle East or the latest on health care reform, then get ready to be really terrified.

A couple in Hanover, Pa., claims their house, which has a history of death in it, is haunted. A news report could very well back them up.

Sure, you might be skeptical, but you might become a believer after watching a local news report which captured the kind of unexplained phenomena you'd expect to see in a Hollywood blockbuster.

The reporter and camerman were not immune to the frightfest, either. Ghosts pinched the reporter and scratched the cameraman. Such is the risk you take when you walk into a home that's reportedly housing five snakes. Of course, there are other odd happenings, such as slamming doors, scary whispers, orbs and freaky shadows.

Watch for yourself and be prepared to think twice about the possibility of ghosts haunting houses.

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