I just saw the 10-day forecast for Yakima. We have some possible rain in our future later this week. What really got my attention were the numbers. As in lows in the 40’s. So it makes sense that it will be 49 degrees at 7 am tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. This probably means jacket weather for most.

I come from the Central Coast of California coastal where it rarely gets over 80 and rarely gets below 40, known as ‘Mediterranean’ weather.

Jackets aren’t really required there (unless you ironically go to the beach in Monterey. Yeah, on the Central Coast, you gotta wear a jacket at those beaches). But now that I live in a climate where there actually are seasons here in Yakima, it’s time for me to break out my P-Coat (which I only used when traveling to cold climates during the winter).

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Some of you have your winter clothes stored. Time to break them out. Other than a very brief stint with temps in the 80’s it’s all about fall and winter in front of us. Weather experts say to expect a wetter fall and winter this year. With an average temp of 64°F for the month of October, 48°F average in November and a 35° degree average in December, it’s only going to get colder from here.

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It’s always fun to go through the pockets of my jackets I have not worn in awhile to see what I left there. Usually it’s receipts, some sort of candy, even at times, ca$h.

Over the weekend, I pulled out my favorite P-coat that I wore last year I went to Nashville in winter for a work event. I checked the pockets and found a movie ticket, a couple reciepts and $3 in change. $3? Hey, that's almost lunch. 


So break out those winter clothes. I for one am ready to do anything to help get 2020 overwith - ASAP.


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