The Morning Bull Pen and Kelly "Wild Wild" West set out on a great adventure on Friday. With temperatures reaching only 23 degrees and going down to 8 in the afternoon, it was a cold adventure, at that.  The goal was to raise $1,000 for Northwest Harvest during each broadcast with the the Bull crew. If we did, Coastal Farm and Ranch had pledged to match that by putting in their $1,000! We did that and then some!In all, the Bull crew raised $1,374 and Coastal Farm & Ranch pitched in another $1,000, bringing our total contribution to $2,374 for Northwest Harvest. That will buy 10,790 meals, according to Northwest Harvest's Yakima community engagement manager, Sheri Bissell.

Northwest Harvest is always looking for donations. Cash and non-perishable food are always welcome!

We appreciate our big donors! Special thanks to the gentleman who brought five crisp $100 bills, Forbes Mercy from Washington Broadband with his awesome $150 donation and Cruisin Coffee adding another $250!

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