Top Five Uses For Leftover Easter Eggs

After the Easter bunny has come and gone, you always end up with a lot of leftover boiled eggs. Don't let those eggs go to waste. Here are five tasty ways to put that protein to work for you:

1. Egg salad

This may sound like the obvious solution for your excess eggs, but that doesn't mean eating egg salad is any less enjoyable. Spice it up with some pickles and celery salt. If you are feeling creative, you can always make your own mayo too. Egg salad sandwiches are sooooo good. Yum

2. Deviled eggs

Making deviled eggs is pretty simple. Try adding bacon bits to the mayo-mustard mix to give your deviled eggs it some unique flavor. Who doesn't like bacon?

3. Toss them in a salad

Spinach, Cobb Salad, Chop Salad -- they can all benefit from a boiled egg.

4. Make cookies

You probably wouldn't think to throw in a hard-boiled egg when you are making your next batch of chocolate chip cookies. You can toss the yolk if you want, but I promise it won't hurt you or make the cookies taste funny.

5. Plain Boiled Eggs

Just peel the egg and add salt.

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