It's officially Summer Olympics season and there is so much to get excited about! I, for one, am excited to watch the gymnastics and swimming meets. I am rooting for Simone Biles to win everything, and I am also hoping any member of Team USA brings home some medals from Tokyo! You can view a list here of the nearly 500 Olympians competing for America (according to Sports Illustrated.

The Paralympics will be taking place right after the ones in Tokyo and this reminds me of the Olympian from Yakima that you may not know of. His name is Josh Elliott and he went to Davis High School and graduated in 2000 (Davis Pirates represent!) He competed in the 2018 Winter Paralympics hosted in South Korea. He is a genius in the downhill ski races. Josh doesn't compete anymore from what I understand, but his legacy will last a lifetime!

Americans competing in the Summer Olympics this year will try their damnedest to win in the following sports:
Archery, Boxing, Canoe/Kayking (Nevin Harrison from Seattle is competing), Climbing, Cycling, Basketball: Fun fact, Seattle Storm's very own Sue Bird will be competing this year!

Other summer olympic sport categories include Diving, Fencing, Golf, Gymnastics, Karate, Rugby, Skateboarding, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Surfing, Paralympic Swimming, Paralympic Track & Field, Track & Field, Water Polo, Weightlifting, Wheelchair Rugby, and Wrestling.

Good luck to Team USA!

As We Imagine TEAM USA Will Take Home the Bronze, Silver, and Gold, Here Are Amazing Winning Moments from Sports History We'll Never Forget:

Sometimes images are the best way to honor the figures we've lost. When tragedy swiftly reminds us that sports are far from the most consequential thing in life, we can still look back on an athlete's winning moment that felt larger than life, remaining grateful for their sacrifice on the court and bringing joy to millions.

Read on to explore the full collection of 50 images Stacker compiled showcasing various iconic winning moments in sports history. Covering achievements from a multitude of sports, these images represent stunning personal achievements, team championships, and athletic perseverance.

Wouldn't It Be Funny If Some Moments from the 2021 Summer Olympics Find Their Way into the Famous Sports Goofs Hall of Fame Like These:

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